La Mer reaches Courchevel

Publish at 22/11/2016

La Mer reaches the mountain, specificly the sumptuous Palace of Les Airelles in Courchevel.
This year, La Mer, the famous cosmetics brand, joins with the spa of Les Airelles and gives its clients the most coveted cream in the world. This evident partnership, is up to these two institutions. Mixing luxury and tranquillity, the Spa "La Mer pour les Airelles" gathers sea powers to create a multisensory experience and a unique well-being feeling. 
Individualised skin care are suggested. Modelled on La Mer’s expertise, care are strengthened by the Miracle Broth’s pure concentration – a unique infusion only available at the spa of Les Airelles. Body care can be added to infuse skin with new youth. Tailor-made care will be suggested too in order to respond to the most specific desires.

Our team is here to fulfil your every request and is sure to more than exceed your highest expectations in order to indulge a luxurious experience of wellbeing where pleasure rhymes with revitalisation, relaxation and good health...